Creamy Center

Living in pent up feelings seems lonely.
Loneliness is nothing
Compared with the bald faced terror
Of sharing the tender center of self.

After the carapace is pierced
There can be no repair
Chips and flakes of emotion
Fall away leaving a mass of quivering nerves.

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Gentle Thrashing

I burnt my tongue on the sun.
Lust for life reaches a point of mania…
Beautiful abrasions from a sapphire sky
Lilac and chamomile salt my wounds and butterfly wings thump bass
On the horizon.
What I wouldn't give for a rainy day
To ease me back into the tomb.

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Mad Dash

Groping through the darkness,
scrabbling for a feeling.
Heedless of my safety…my sanity.

Dawn will come as always, but I fear it will be too late.

Brain drooling fevered madness as the baying hounds circle,

Take my hand

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Trying To Get It Right

I wonder on a daily basis if I am in over my head when it comes to parenting. My older son’s third birthday has somehow turned him into a seventeen year old, complete with raging hormones and omniscience. My younger son is only six months old, but seems to believe that he can do everything that his brother can. Every time he fails to walk or speak in full sentences he seems astonished at what he could not accomplish. In the middle of this, I like to think that my wife and I do an excellent job but there are times each day when I worry that I am ruining my children’s lives with my incompetence. Read the rest of this entry »

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Spinning through vastness

Infinitely meaningless

You’re all that matters

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Monday With Kids

Kids destroyed the house

Race cars, monster trucks and trains

Beware sharp Legos

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Spring Haiku

Grass blade pierces soil

Skeletal grasp of winter

Falls away in sun

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Turn Of The Wheel

In the past I was an incredibly careless young man.

Photo by barbarabuchholz (photobucket)

Photo by barbarabuchholz (photobucket)

Showing wanton disregard for my own well being – physically, financially, emotionally. Read the rest of this entry »

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Dread the Consequence

Dawn is breaking

pale gray light spilling over the horizon

toward the shame of what I have done.

Hidden by the darkness

I had felt invincible

omnipotent tyrant of the night.

In the faint glow of the sun

my face is gaunt

my body slack and weary.

Justice will come

but for a time I will flee to the shadows

seeking solace in the remains of the twilight hour.

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Creation and destruction

Divine inspiration piecing together the

fragmented bits of the universe.

As the damned pull apart the foundations

shrieking their venomous hatred.

The creating requires

equal parts inspiration, dedication, concentration.

While destructors only need possess

strength and cunning.

The entropy remains a half step ahead

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